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Xinhua News Agency, Yinchuan, April 2 (Reporter Xu Jin Yu) these two days▷▲●☆, a different god of poverty has caused a small sensation▲▼•, preaching, and preaching content to become a village tea rice in Tammy Town, Ningxia Yanchi County. The hot topic of the rest. •=▲”The preligors are the ordinary farmers on the town,welder t shirt design-core ball sizes, many know, some are still playing together•△○. They are all truthful, everyone can understand,polynesian sportswear willing to listen◇–□. Tell the emotion, we also follow Tears together. …○☆”Tianji Village established a card to Tang Jun said▷■▪△. Since the Spring Festival, 8 towns and towns in Yanchi County have formed an 8-provoked lecture group. In all administrative villages, “the poor” theme tour in all administrative villages△□▲, the preliminary people are all screened from the poverty poverty, and they use the people to speak People, publicize and poverty alleviation policies, motivate the masses to get ri▽☆?

Source-◁-▽: Learning Times Original Title▪=□•: The Secretary of the Gansu Provincial Party Committee☆◆△,get tee shirts made Lin Hao▼-▷,compression wear wholesale in the “Learning Times” first version, Im talking about the poverty campaign core reading and detaching the poverty, grasp the precision. It is necessary to implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Party in Xi Jinpings new era. Said and so on, put it together to win the countrys revitalization of the strategy, and you will focus on deep poverty-stricken areas. It highlights the village to make a family precision help▷◁, the disease, precision drip, targeted treatment△-▪▷, truly help the poverty alleviation Support to root to ensure that the depletion attack task is completed in 2020. The 19th National Congress of the Party pointed out that the poverty population and the poor are▪=-!

This article is the Chinese ship newspaper WeChat public number Titland title: my countrys first polar scientific examination of the icebreaker “Snow Dragon 2” officially docking on the Jiangnan Shipbuilding March 28th▪▼, my countrys first polar scientific examination brokerage in Jiangnan Shipbuilding (Group The limited liability company is officially docking=◇◁◇, which is planned to be docking on August 28, 2018, paying in the first half of 2019. Although there is no official official, but the industry has called this science test icebreaker as ▼-▽△”Snow Dragon 2-•▷”▷●-△. The ship was built in Jiangnan Shipbuilding in December 2016•==▪, which is responsible for the basic design of Finnish Akpe Polar Technology Co▪△★.▽▷, Ltd.▪-▼, and the Studies of the Sports Group 788 is responsible for detailed design. The scientific examination icebreaker is 13,000 tons, with a total length of 122-=.5 meters, a width of 2.2.3 meters wide. The structure is 8.3 meters wide•○●…, and the loading capacity is abo.wholesale clothing atlanta