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Original title◆◇■: Han Zhengs new and vocational Xinhua News Agency reported that June 1 Implement General Secretary Xi Jinpings important speech and instruction spirit of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, discussing related documents◇■, deploying the next phase of key work. The above report shows that Han Zheng has served as the leadership team of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Association Development Leading Group. Previously, the position was held by Zhang Gaoli. In February 2014, Xi Jinping hosted a symposium in Beijing▽•◇●, listening to the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei cooperative development work report, emphasizing the development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Cooperative development, is a future to build a new capital economic circle to promote regional development institutional mechanism▼☆. In the same year, Jingjin, Chi.

Original title: Entry-tariff is not a solution to the problem – visiting the US Forefront Ambassador Boas, the US reporter Zhang Xiang Hu Zhuyi “The United States need to cooperate, the people of the two countries also hope to cooperate.” Ambassador to China Bosaas recently emphasized this point of view when Montan received the reporter☆■●◇. Bokas served as a US ambassador in China in February 2014•◇, in 35 years in the US Federal Senate, including the important position of the Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee•▪▲▽, is the permanent normal trade relationship of the US Congress 2000◁◆○△, 2001 Chinas accession to the World Trade Organization and other major events and promoters have experienced in the United States and China trade cooperation◆▪-•. For the Triang government to increase tariffs for goods from Chi?

Original title: my countrys consumer goods market, the second year of the world, Beijing June 1, reporter Feng Quan report…○•▷: The Ministry of Commerce released the “2017 China Domestic Trade Development Retrospect” report show that in 2017, domestic trade is stable and more Fast development▽=, the scale is steadily expanded, the structure is continuously optimized☆▲, the quality and benefits are continuously improved☆•. Among them△•▷◇, the total retail sales of social consumer goods reached 36.6 trillion yuan, an increase of 10•=☆.2% over the previous year. In the fourth consecutive year, the two-digit growth was maintained, and the scale of the consumer goods market was in the world second. The report pointed out that in 2017, my countrys domestic trade industry achieved an added value of 10.7 trillion yuan◇…-◆. The first breakthrough of 100 trillion yuan, accounting for about 13% of GDP■▷=…, accounting for only the manufacturing industry, becoming a veritable national economy. Industry○-▲; netwo!

China New Network Beijing May 27 (Li Jingze) China Social Sciences – Russian French University China Research Center held the “Safety and Economic Cooperation between China and Russia in Northeast Asia” International Video Seminar on May 26th. Sun Zunzhi…•◁, Director of the Russian Eastern European Institute of Eastern China◆▽□, made a speech by Professor Vlasov, French East University of Russia. From the Eastern European Institute of Eastern China, China Academy of Social Sciences, China Academy of Social Sciences, China Academy of Social Sciences, Peking University, Fudan University, Russian Federal University, Russian International Affairs Commission, Russian High School•◇•◇, Russian Academy of Sciences, World Economy And international relation.

Original title: The main contradiction between society has not changed my countrys basic national conditions (Xinzhi Xinzhi) “Peoples Daily” (July 31▲□, 2018) The partys 19th National Report made my countrys main contradictions have been transformed into the growing beauty of the people-…•. This major political argument between the contradiction between life needs and unbalanced developments, while emphasizing the changes in the main contradiction between my country, there has not changed our judgment on the historical stage of my countrys socialism•▷•, my country is still in the long run. The basic national conditions of the socialist primary stage have not changed-…. ” Scientifically grasp the dialectical unity of ▲•”change” and “unchanged○○▲▼” to better promote the development of party and national business in the new era…▽▲. Comrade Mao Zedong has deeply pointed out that Chinas special national conditions, “This is to solve all revolutionary questions in China workouts gym el salvador.sports apparel manufacturers Rainwear Jacket dark green tracksuit black and white satin bomber jacket.