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Original title: Bengbu Municipal Party Committee Secretary Charges …☆…□”郸”●-: Bringing condolences gold (product) 1 million preferred pictures from “邯郸 新网 网” WeChat public number in “邯郸” and then went to Yalian Bay◇◇◆, Somali Division Implement Navy On the occasion of thirty batches of escort mission…▼, Hebei Handan Municipal Party Committee Secretary Gao Hongzhi went to the citys condolence group to Qingdao, a military port, cordially visited the “郸”, the majority of officers and men, to bring condolences▽=, condolence products And the people of the city, and attended the festival ceremony held on the 6th morning. City leaders Qu Bin, Zhang Yushu, Du Shujie and patriotism representatives of Hao Qingtang, Wang Aying, Zhang Hongshun, etc. The sun is shining, the sea breeze is blowing★◇■◁, the =▼”郸” of the port is mounted in the port, the mighty★▷•□, the mighty, and the officers and men of the white naval servic!

Original title: Fujian Putian Mayor: Baby Shoes must have Chinas confidence, Putian shoes I have been wearing “I bought shoes is genuine or Putian created☆□▼□?” In recent years•▷□, this has become the unsolved mystery of some buyers. And this problem itself will look up the shoes and genuine produced by Putian. Putian shoes “冤” “? For the Putian Shoes, the National Peoples Congress, Li Jianhui▲••,sports clothing manufacturers australia Mayor, Putian City, Fujian Province, said in receiving the vocal reporter of China, the history of Putians shoes has been in history○▽-, the quality is good, in recent years••●▼,ring spun cotton shirtsbulk activewear. although there is still an individual imitation of fake shoes, but internationally renowned brands The foundry is increased. Not only that, Li Jianhui introduced that Putian should jointly create a card■■▼□,wholesale swimwear vendors build [Putian good shoes]. Source□=: @ 中国 声点 进 进 专入 Editor: Zhang !

Zhongxin Net Chongqing May 28 (Reporter Zhong Rong) promoted the fifth meeting of the Sichuan Minhe Cooperation of the Sichuan Minhe Cooperation in Chengdu-Chongqing District, held in Chongqing on the 28th. At the meeting◁◇•●, the Ministry of Sichuan□••, the people of the Sichuan, combined with □□■○”I have a practical thing for the masses”, and I have signed the “Great Promotion Agreement” (hereinafter referred to as “Agreement□△★”)■•, aim of “Agreement▲◇”)…-. It is more convenient and fast, and talent flows is more efficient▷•, and talent flows is more convenient=★▷, fast and fast. Suxi, deputy director of the Chongqing Human Social Security Bureau, “Ten practical” in the ◆○□”Agreement” mainly includes four major sections of personnel talents, employment services■-☆▼, social insurance, and labor rights, including 4 item…▷▪….hot gray yoga pants