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Original title: Foreign media satellite map: Liaoning ship and at least 40 ships only in the South China Sea Army [Compile / Observer Network Zhou Yuan] “•-” This is an incredible picture. “Reuters released satellite images on March 27 show that there are◁▽△” dozens of “Chinas naval ship only held large military exercises in the waters of Hainan Island in the South China Sea, including the aircraft carrier Liaoning ship. These pictures are provided by Planet Labs, from this On the 26th, I took a picture on the photo. In addition to the aircraft carrier, the participating ship only had only 40 boats•▲. The biggest ship in the figure is that the Liaoning Ship Reuters will quote some Western analysts◇•. This is the Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning No. 1 for the first time, the naval ship only With a team of visual impact, this unusual big show reflects the Chinese military da●○★!

Original title: More than 5% of netizens have sleep problems work pressure is the “culprit” Beijing News News (Reporter Wang Kara) Today (March 17), China Sleep Research Releases “China Sleep Medical Current Situation Investigation Report” and ” 2018 China Internet Net Miss Sleep White Paper. ” Data show that 5% of netizens acknowledge that there is a sleep problem, and the working pressure is the “culprit” affecting the quality of sleep△☆■-. Especially in the first-tier city in the Northern Deep, Beijing is the least sleep. Han Fang▲□-●, Chairman☆△, China Sleep Research Association▼★-…, pointed out that there were about 560 million patients with sleep disorders in China▷○, while the diagnosed patients were less than 2%, and the current situation of treatment was more optimistic-△. Although Chinese Internet users have daily sleep averages for more than 7 hours, there are still 56% of users think they have sleep problems, including dreams, continuo suit business wholesale▼-○△.

Original title▷=-◇: Title of the National Committee of China The completion of the completion is widespread and continues to heat up. On March 4th, the Changjiang Daily reporter learned that the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference▼★•▼, the President of the Wuhan Municipal Political Consultative Conference-□★◇, Hu Shuguang as the first proposal, Zhang Wenzhao, Xiao Kaili, Chen Chi Xing, high reluctance◁◁, etc■□=☆. from Minjian, Industry and Commerce, General Trade Union, Science and Technology, etc-•●. The joint proposal of the Committee of the Hubei Political Consultative Conference and jointly proposed □○”Suggestions on Supporting the establishment of a national Wuhan Changjiang New District◇△”=▪▷•. As of 5 pm that day◆•□, 18 have become a joint proposal. This important completed in Wuhans future development, al=▷△.

The construction of the rule of law is in order to rely on the people of the people (the perspective of the perspective), and the government is in the government▽■. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out at the central government to governing the country in accordance with the law◇■◆: “Comprehensive implementation of the country is the most widely used in the country, and the most profound foundation is the people. You must adhere to the people, rely on the people.” Xi Jinpings rule of law has deep answered the rule of law China for the construction for who, who rely on who The problem, science indicated the fundamental position of the new era to governing the country in accordance with the law, reflecting sincerely for the people▲▪▪. Implement Xi Jinpings legal thinking, we must adhere to the people-oriented●◇●◆, actively respond to the new requirements of the people on the construction of the rule of law. Entering the new era, the peoples good life needs more and more, not only puts forward the material cultural lif sports ball ring spun cotton.html target=_blank>Rainwear Jacket !

Original title○▲: Hebei Spring Festival corrects the four-wind transcript: 368 questions, dealing with 449 people before and after the Spring Festival•◇, the discipline inspection and monitoring organs at all levels in Hebei Province have conducted in-depth development of “four winds” work, and the examination discovery violations of the central provisions of the central provision and ▼●★”four” The wind “problem clues-◁○, 788▽▼◁, investigated 368 questions, deal with 449 people, and gave 409 parties to party discipline▼■◁•, add 245 pieces, 148 pieces, 163, 196, respectively. On February 2, the Hebei Provincial Supervision Committee was officially listed. On February 14th, the county supervision committee all listed. The discipline inspection and supervision organs at Hebei Province took the opportunity to supervise the system reform, tightened the Spring Festival nodes in-depth supervision and inspection, and transformed the system advantage into governance performance. ▲●”All Discipline Inspection and Supervision Office give full play to cadres and inspections of the original discipline committ◆◆.black satin jacket