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Original title■☆▽: (two sessions by the right to release) 13th National Peoples Congress held a preparation meeting Election Candarinary Bureau and Secretary-General Zhang Dejiang House Hosting the Conference Xinhua News Agency Beijing March 4th IV 13th National Peoples Congress First Meeting 4th A preparatory meeting in the Great Hall of the People▼□◁☆. The selection of the meeting has produced the Presidium and Secretary General of the 13th National Peoples Congress◇□, adopted an agenda of the 13th National Peoples Congress. Zhang Dejiang•◇=, Chairman of the 12th National Peoples Congress Standing Committee, presided over the meeting◇▲◇. A total of 2980 representatives of the 13th National Peoples Congress▪○•. As of March 3, 2976 representatives have been reported to the Secretariat of the General Assembly. The 4th preparatory meeting, attended 29,51 people△…★, absent 29, attending the number of statutory••◁. Zhang Dejiang announced: 13th National Peoples Congre●•▽.

Zhongxin Net Changsha May 28 (Fu Jingshi) 2021 District Block Chain Service Network (BSN) Application Summit on the 28th in Changsha, Hunan, Zunchain Service Network Hunan Main Network and Changsha Municipal Government Network District Block Chain Chain The service network platform is officially launched◆▼, and the three cities of the Changsha, Zhuzhou and Zhuzhou, shared, co-management△△•, the local block chain service network platform and the application, and help the development of the chain chain of the central block◆■□. Block Chain Service Network Application Achievements Show. Fu Jingzi Total Block Chain Service Network is established by the National Information Center◁…◇=, China Mobile, China UnionPay, etc□★◆. The worlds first infrastructure network from China independently innovation and controls the net rights, with safety and controllable••●, independent innovation, openne◆▼△◆.

According to the Guangdong Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection: The former Standing Committee of the Guangdong Provincial Political Consultative Conference, Chen Guoxing,activewear vendors, the Hong Kong◆◆, Macao and Taiwan Commission, is suspected of serious violations and is currently being accepted for discipline review and monitoring▽□■. Chen Guoxing resume Chen Guoxing, male☆…▼•, Han nationality, born in November 1956▽▪▽, Guangdong Gigui, in October 1976, joined the Communist Party of China and University undergraduate degree. Since January 1986, he served as a comprehensive secretary of the Guangdong Provincial Religious Affairs Bureau,varsity jackets plus size from January 1990, he served as a provincial party committee, from February 1992, the Director of the Provincial Party Office, the Director of the Office of 1999 6 From the month, the Director of the Personsman Director of the Provincial Party Committee Office,ski jacket wholesale from January 2001, he served as an assistant inspector of the provincial party office▽◇•■, and the deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the Organization Committee, from June 2003, served as deputy director of the provincial party departmen.

Original title: Implementing a rural resolution strategy to promote the new era to catch up with the provision of strong support (the provincial party secretary talks about the village revitalization ⑩) Hu He Ping is an important birth to the farming civilization in my country▷▼•. It is the general secretary of Xi Jinping to go to the countryside•=◁, understand the country☆◆, familiarize National condition place-△▽▷. In February 2015, General Secretary Xi Jinping came to Shaanxi○●…, and the development of Shaanxi has put forward the chasing to oversee the positioning and “five solid◇==▼” requirements, and emphasizes “solid promoting the modern agricultural construction”. In the past three years, we have learned to practice the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping, always put the problem of solving the ○▲”three rural▼□●” as the top priority of the province, and overtract into the provinces agricultural rural development and the partys construction has achieved new achievements. Grain production achieves “14 Lianfeng”, Apple, and Jujube, etc.▷▪, the brand has continued to be strong, beautiful villa-◆▼□!

Original title: 195 people selected the third batch of national “10,000 people plan▷…▷” teaching masters will receive 500,000 funds (Reporter Wang Jun) Recently, the Ministry of Education issued a notice,bulk activewear, announce the third batch of national “10▼☆☆…,000 people plan ★…▲”The teaching teacher is selected◁◁, and 195 people are selected. Notice,custom work jacket the central government will provide $ 500△◆▼,000 special support for each entry○=★. The 195 teachers selected covers all kinds of schools□▷▼, including 117 teachers (including ordinary undergraduate colleges, higher vocational colleges), accounting for 60.9%; medium or less schools, secondary schools, kindergartens, Special education schools…◇•●, etc◁….) 78 teachers, accounting for 40%. In the age, it is mainly young teacher, including 26 people under 45 years, 46-59 years old☆▲◁, average age ?wholesale gym clothing manufacturers uk