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[colored free weights]Original title: Unneeded New Era Glory Mission (Editorial) National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference opened today in Beijing today◁▷. With the pace of the new era, there should be a look forward to more than 1.3 billion people, and more than 2,100 new National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference gathered to the capital◁▷○, and jointly contributed to the reform and development○☆. We congratulate the congratulations to the conference! A period of five years, a five-year step, Chinas development advancement is closely related to the rhythm of national political life. I have just been in the past five years, in the process of development in the party and national development. Since the 18th National Communist Party of China, Comrade Xi Jinping has led the whole partys national people to meet the people●□○★, and the new era of the new era of the new era. In the great practice of exploring the reform road, realizing the great practice of Chinese dreams, the Peoples Political Consultative Conference and the Republ☆△?

Original title■-: Vice Mayors unannounced visit to discovering that the staff of the convenience center workers listened to the songs△…◁-, the source of the song○•◁: Fuzhou released recently, Fuzhou peoples circle of friends was such a video brush screen (Jiangxi Fuzhou) Deputy Mayor, Jinxi County Party Secretary Wang Chengbing Association visits because a unit of staff members have been resigned in the window of the window, and the day is coming custom puffer parka jackets●▪▪• wholesale tracksuit ladies royal blue suit! – Jinxi County assault unannounced visit to rectify the five major style ills of the ▼◁▷△”first shot•▽” “Are you a staff member•☆☆○? So you are working, still doing▼●? How can you take a headset? Work card is not worn☆▽?” A few days ago☆◁☆◆, a deputy mayor▪▲☆○, Jinxi County Party Secretary Wang Chengbing led the county committee supervision team in the Xiulu Town Convenience Service Center, the small video of the cadres in the WeChat group, the circle of friends was greatly affected by the local cadr.

Original title☆••: [Square circle] Hui eye knowledge hero, praise “You guard the country, I am guarding you●•▲.” The female star Zhang Xinyu announced his marriage news in the personal Weibo on August 5, becoming a glorious Military○◆, he was hot by netizens. Zhang Xin gives her husband He Jie is a counter-terrorist elite from the armed police force▪▼○. The comment of the comrades is △=”Lingnan has a tiger, and the enemy will be sought.▷▼•” In everyones impression, marrying the soldiers is a very courageous thing. Why will Zhang Xinyan choose military people▲△◁=? She gave an answer in Weibo – “There is only one reason: marry him, marry love.…▼” “The people of the soldiers are different, the head of the head is the same☆-, the rainy frost” “Sentence is really, I also have love, I hope that she is●■…◇” … the quality of the military, is the responsibility, it neon running jacket – design your owleggings wholesa,!

Original title: Talk about the 10 provinces, ○◁”look back”, about accountability, more than 7,000 central environmental protection inspections have killed a “back horse gun•◁◁★” (green focus) Jiangsu Taixing City indifferently rectification requirements, tens of thousands of tons of chemical waste and sludge piles The Yangtze River. Xinhua News Agency◆▷, Ji Chunpeng photographed the Jiangsu Zhangjiagang City Shagang Group million tons of steel slag disposal, threatening water ecological safety; a group of “scattered” small smelting companies that should be eliminated in Qinxi, Guangxi, still illegal production, the relevant departments of the autonomous region Hedu Complete the rectification; 33 punishments difficult to prevent the rumor of the Xinyi coal mine in Henan Province ..…○◇◁. Recently•★△, the Central Environmental Protection Inspector team launched a “look” inspector in 10 provinces and regions such as Hebei and Henan Province, publicly open a group of “surface rectification” “false rectification” •▪-“Perfuncture” and other issues. In the notification of the inspectors, frequent frequen.