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[sports gear wholesale distributors]Original title: Changchun Changsheng problems vaccine flow gradually identified that there are also these issues to pay attention to the Yilin Changsheng vaccine cases▲◇▽, and the progress of the incident will still affect people◁★■. But there are still several questions still need to pay attention, where is the unqualified vaccine flowing? What should I deal with children who are suspected of injection unqualified vaccine●◇? What solutions have all the local disease control sectors? A circle of friends on the 22nd night◇•●, the Chinese government network released the news=○, the State Council Prime Minister Li Keqiang made an appointment of vaccine events, the vaccine event broke through the moral bottom line of the people, and must give a clear and white man-made people in the country•▽…▼. The whole process of all vaccine production, sales, etc., the whole chain is required to make a truth as soon as possible▽•◁▼, whether it involves which companies•◇, which people are resolutely punished, and never palliative△△□. Earlier, national medicine earli.

Source: Public Network [Zaozhuang City quickly investigated a number of companies exposed by CCTV, and fully inspected! The law enforcement personnel have conducted detailed inspection of three enterprises, production facilities, raw film storage▪★▲◆, product packaging◁◆…★, and delivery acceptance, process control, factory inspection•=, etc. The inspection found that Zaozhuang City Kangyuan Food Co•▷●•., Ltd●△…. did not organize production, the environmental dirty difference, the walnut milk product formula was bid, and walnut raw materials were not found in the on-site raw material formula…▼, and the companys legal person representative Liang Moucoured that peanut butter and walnut flavor, did not use walnut kernels=◆◇, law enforcement officers paid 812 boxes “Lu Yuan” walnut milk; Zaozhuang Jinshunyuan Food Co., Ltd. did not follow food production license requirements to organize production◆▪, site Poor production environme★▲.

China Xinwang May 28 (Reporter Chen Jing) reporter was found on the 28th that the “5G + Smart Medical Innovation Lab•▼…” is the first to open in Shanghai. The laboratory is a key support for the Shanghai Health Medical Development, which is responsible for the president of the Shanghai Health Medical College. Guo Yong, secretary of the Party Committee of the Shanghai Health Medical College▽○, said that ▲▷”5G + Smart Medical Innovation Laboratory▽▽”, with “production◁=•▷, learning, research, medical, use” integration as a goal▽•, in-depth research of related theories, practices and applications, etc◁★◁△., Explore the new 5G + smart medical treatment new system and new mechanism, cultivate ▽…=”new medical” domestic shortage talents, lay a good theory and practice for the development of digital transformation of Shangh. clothing manufacturers near me sportswear manufacturer thailand – chinese mufacturers clothing plain bomber jackets compression shirts near me,