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[Casural shirt manufacturer]China Xinwang, May 27th (Guo Qi), in April 2018, in April 2018○○, the Hangzhou Court talked more than 800 pieces of telecommunications network fraud cases, sentenced more than 2,200 criminals, and sentenced to 2 sentences in prison, sentenced to more than ten years More than 200 people were sentenced to 25% of criminals who were sentenced to life imprisonment to life imprisonment, and sentenced to 150 million yuan. At the Hangzhou Intermediate Peoples Court held on the Justice of Telecom Network Fraud Criminal Press Conference, Chen Guoliang, a full-time committee of the Hangzhou Intermediate Council Trial Committee▷◆▽▽, introduced the above news. There are many techniques for telecommunications network fraud▼■•, new tricks▼▲••, and there are more than 10 species of fraud•-. Electricity hears in Hangzhou Cou□★•.

Original title: Xu Jianwen, deputy director of Qingyuan, was investigated, and the Guangdong Provincial Supervision Committee announced that the first subject of the Chief Officer report was informed from the Guangdong Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection▪▪▪-, which was informed of the Supervision Committee of the Guangdong Provincial Commission. Xu Jianwen, deputy director of the Committee▲□○…, is suspected of serious violations and is currently being accepted for disciplinary review and monitoring▼□▲◇. Xu Jianwen was the first subject-in-one-grade cadre published after the Guangdong Provincial Supervision Committee. Xu Jianwen resume Xu Jianwen◇□•, male, Han nationality, born in September 1962, June 1992 joined the Chinese Communist Party▲◆-, Party School University▽◇, Guangdong Freshman=▷▼●. In October 1978, he served as Qingyuan County Teacher◆▷▪▪, Cadres, Deputy Mayor▲=□…, and President◆□▼•. From May 1998, he served as the Standing Committee of Qingcheng District Committee, the Chief Committee of the Qingyuan City=◁, China◁▽▽; 20▪▪.

The original title Trump will meet with Jin Zhengn, and the Chinese responded▽▲: Welcome to support the head of the Korean Presidents Special Envoy Group, Zheng Yi is known in its “major statement★▪”, Trump said that he was in May this year☆▷•. North Koreas highest leader Kim Jongnong meets. [Global Network News] March 2018 Foreign Ministry spokesperson, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, presided over the routine reporter, and reported that the US President Trump said that he will meet with North Korean leaders before the end of May this year. What is Chinas comment◇•? In response, we welcome the active information released by the United States to the Direct Dialogue. The resolution of the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue is moving toward the correct direction. We are committed to all parties to fully affirm and support through dialogue consultation▪=▲▼. As Wa○★◆.

Original title: 93-year-old Nankai University Cuisterial Engineering Founder, the famous risk management expert section of the National Insurance Institute founded the founder of the International Insurance Institute, one of the founders of the Nankai University Cuith★-•■, a member of the American, Tianpu University▷=▪, a famous risk management expert Mr. Kaidi will be separated from New Jersey on March 21, and the year is ninety-three years old■◇. Du Sai Agency was born in Hefei●•▷, Anhui■▲◇. He graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University in 1948. In 1949, he went to the United States to study in the United States-•. He won a masters degree in Business Administration (MBA), USA◇▷, New York Social Research★-▼, New York University, US Tianpu University Lifelong honor professor–△◁. Mr. Section founded the “Risk Management” discipline in early 1960☆•▪▪, and then advocated “macroeconomics” after 10 years, and was recognized as the extension of modern insuranc○….

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing May 27th●…◇◁: Epidemic prevention and control should be early•◆●, small, strict, real-eighth edition of new gown pneumonia prevention and control plan points perspective Xu Penghang recently, necrosal pneumonia epidemic still show the spread of outbreaks The external defense input pressure continues to increase. Domestic Anhui, Liaoning-▲……, Guangdong has an epidemic★△●, reminds us to prevent and control cannot be relaxed. In order to further guide the prevention and control of new coronary virus pneumonia, the State Council is printed in the “New Coronary Virus Pneumonia Prevention Mode (Events)”. What are the following aspects of the epidemic prevention and control? Experts explain this△☆□•. Not only must I “prevent people” also want ▲●”anti-protection” from May 13◁-…, Anhui●□□, Liaonin.