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[wholesale blank sports apparel]Representative of the National Peoples Congress★–★, Zhang Guoxin (left) of the Secondary School of Jiangxi Normal University. Peoples Network Titland title▪◆: The campus bullying incident has been banned…▲○•, and the representative of the NPC is reported on March 17=◆, in recent years, the campus bullying incident in primary and secondary schools has repeatedly contained attention◇◆★. At noon on March 13th, Zhang Guoxin, deputy main committee of the National Peoples Congress◇••…, deputy main committee of the National Peoples Congress☆○■=, and the Deputy Middle School of the Peoples Republic of China●▽, and Jiangxi Normal University▼★, Zhang Guoxin◇•◆, a “Legal Daily” reporter talked about this topic□•▼▼. Zhang Guoxin believes that the comprehensive management of campus bullying should be strengthened△▷★, establish a two-level bullying governance committee to improve relevant disposal procedures. At the same time☆○☆▲, it is recommended to give the education discipline to school and teachers through legislation to play anti-micro-dicing disciplinary effects. Preventi◆••=.

Original title◁◇☆: German Prime Minister Merkel will visit the 11th visit to China “Foreign Ministry Spokesperson” public number (XWS4_FMPRC) message, on May 18◁=, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs★-★, the Foreign Ministry, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the deputy spokesperson Luo announced: Prime Minister Li Keqiang, Prime Minister of the State Council••, invited the Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Germany, Angla, Merkel◆◇★, will formally access China from May 24th to 25th. Some reporters asked: You have just announced the news of German Prime Minister Merkel to visit China. Is this a few visitors in Merkel? What questions will both discuss? Lu Yong: This is the first visit to China after Merkel………☆, who was serited German Prime Minister-☆▼. It is also the 11th visit to China since the prime minister. During the visit, the Chairman of Xi Jinping and the Prime Minister Li Keqiang and other Chinese leaders will meet with the Prime Minister of Merke.

Original title: China-US trade dispute disturbing the global market to resort to WTO SLR continuous upgrading in the past weekend, the United States continuously upgraded trade protection behavior makes trade warfare smoke■□▷-. The Ministry of Commerce issued a list of suspensions for the US imported steel and aluminum products 232 measures★▪, which involves the US $ 3 billion exports to Chinese. The Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, etc. also responded in recent days=●□▪. If the beauty is alive, I will give it to the end. One orphan beauty provokes the trade dispute on March 23, the United States proposed consultations to China under the WTO dispute settlement mechanism, and refers to the measures of the Chinese governments technical licensing conditions that do not meet the relevant provisions of the ◇◇”relevant intellectual property agreement-related intellectual property agreement”■☆. Ministry of Commerce Treaty L■▼.

Original title: The establishment of these two foreign-related sectors, the significance of March 13th, the 13th National Peoples Congress held the fourth plenary meeting in the Beijing Peoples Great Hall, and the State Council of Councils Wang Yong to the 13th National Peoples Congress About the statement of the reform plan of the State Council (Ziyuan: Zhongxin◇◁.com) On March 13, the State Councils institutional reform plan announced, two of these new sectors have the meaning of the elasticity, one is the National International Development Cooperation…□, one is a country Immigration Authority. According to the State Councils institutional reform program submitted to the National Peoples Congress=■○, the main responsibility of the International Development Cooperation Agency is to develop major issues, planning, policies◆-, coordination of foreign aid and proposal••, proposing the reform of foreign aid programs, and plan Determine the external assistance proje.