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China News News Agency May 28 (Reporter Zhang Daozheng) was jointly hosted by the Tianjin Strait Cross-strait Folk Exchange Promotion Association and the Taiwan New Years Artisan Cup =-☆”Skills Competition – the 2nd Jin Taiyu occupation Skills competition, on the 28th in Jintai two places officially launched. This event is the theme of “promoting the spirit of the craftsman, the exciting life▽▷”. On the basis of the previous year, we will continue to adhere to the core of the employment capacity of young employment from the two places. A public welfare selection around low-carbon life▼△▪, and the first time I have taken the true form◁○, I invite Haier Group and other enterprises to make the topic to make the system to promote school-owned. Competition a total of commodity display technology■-▲=, graphic design technolo◇◁■.

Guangming Daily Head Media Reporter●★: General Secretary Xi Jinping puts forward at the Chengdu Conference on February 12th, and it is necessary to make a precise and eloed poverty, before=◇★▪, △△”win”, now “hit”. What is the debit of Director Liu? General Secretary puts eight specific requirements, which one do you think is the most challenging? Thank you. Liu Yongfu: “Win” and “Hello” The word is poor, it should be said that “playing” is higher than ▽■●”win”. △△…=”Win” is to complete the task, what tasks are done? By 2020◁…★▼, all the poor people under the current standards poverty▽▽△, eliminating absolute poverty in China; all existing poverty-stricken counties have taken a hat and eliminate regional overall poverty…◇-◇. I just said that from the current progress▷=, the five years of our poor have decreased two-third■▽○★.

Three hundred and sixty lines, the line out of the champion. Recently…•, the Industrial and Commercial Bank, Construction Bank◁◁, Agricultural Bank, and the three major lines announced the 2017 performance□-△. The Industrial and Commercial Bank ranked first in the net profit of 287.5 billion yuan, the construction bank▽□○, the Agricultural Bank did not show weakness, and net profit was 243.6 billion yuan, 193◆▷-◆.1 billion yuan…▷□▪. The three banks totaled 724.2 billion yuan, equivalent to the GDP of Hebei Tangshan, which was able to pay a total of 30 years of Wanda Group. 724•◆…▽.2 billion yuan, calculated 365 days a year▲▲=, three major banks earned about 2 billion yuan a day▼=…-. So◁•○, there is a saying that the most profitable banking industry is in China. In fact▷●◇, is the banking industry that is the most profitable industry? Is the total amount of net profit in the banking industry-◆▷○? The banking industry is most profitable? fir.

Original title•▽…: Emperor looked to collapse: actually dare to waste the time◁■○, Taiwan netizens,mens tan trench coat the Qing Dynasty trash will be folded-•▪●. We know that the emperor is a batch of chapters▷▷. If it is a diligent emperor▪=, the official document to be dealt with every day is quite large, maybe you have been busy at night from the morning★◆. This can also be understood◆▼▲, but if there is a lot of garbage-○, it is a little depressed=•▪. Here is some of the Taiwanese netizens to organize the emperor and reply. Everyone feels:: This is the soil of Taiwan called Mango, dedicated to the emperor, Kangxi: I know, this kind of thing is not used, dont send it again. One month=■▲□. Governor■▷, Zhejiang▪▲▲☆: This is the soil production of Taiwan called Mango◇◁•,clothing manufacturers in georgia dedicated to the emperor,sublimation socks wholesale Kangxi☆▷: I havent seen mango before, I wanted to s.

Original title…▼: Recently, a few people spread through WeChat, Weibo☆★, Network…◇, etc. “In June 2018, the important meeting was held in Qingdao. Shandong, the Shandong Provincial Party Committee has issued a notice) Since April to June All companies such as chemical, paper, steel, etc▽●•.▪◇, to ensure that this meeting was successfully held. 4- June is basically determined. Please do not have to be affected in advance •●-“, etc.▼▽•, all are untrue, please relevant units Dont trust your public□▽▪▷, dont spread…○. In order to continue to improve the quality of the environment, resolutely win the ◁…◁□”Blue Sky Defense War”…☆, the provinces environmental protection system will strictly implement the relevant national and provincial decision-making deployments, further increase the environmental supervision of the exhaust pollution company, and strictly crack down on various types of violations according to law Sewage behavior▽▼. Among them, the potential pollution clothing wholesale suppliers aus