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Xinhua News Agency, Beijing on July 25, the Central Committee, the National Federation of Industry and Commerce held a television conference, deploying the promotion of the reform and development of the business association of the Industry and Commerce. Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Minister of the Central Committee, the Ministry of Central Committee, the Vice Chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, and the Chairman of the National Industry and Commerce Chairman Gao Yunlong attended the meeting and speaking. The privilege emphasizes that it is necessary to guide the sense of responsibility and mission by Xi Jinpings new era of Chinese characteristics and the partys 19th National Spirit. To promote the work of the United Front, to the Chamber of Commerce,custom Running Clothes-usa made shirts, give full play to the guidance, guidance-●△★, service functions of the Industry and Commerce, and explore innovation Chamber of Commerce▼▲, strengthen the construction of standardized construction, and cultivate the development of China Characteristic Chamber of Commerce◇-. All relevant departments must be under the unified leadership of the party committ▽◇.

Zhongxin Net Fuzhou May 27th (Zheng Jiangluo) Fuzhou Deputy Mayor Lin Zhiliang held in Fuzhou held in Fuzhou,pink gym shorts China (Fuzhou) International Fisheries Expo (hereinafter referred to as “Fishing Expo”) will be 6 Month is held in Fuzhou 3 to 5. It is understood that the exhibition is 46,000 square meters, and the content covers the entire fishery aquatic industry and the surrounding industry chain•◆◁▼. At that time▼△◁, more than 50 merchants, a group of 16•▲,000,wholesale clothing tracksuits professional buyers will come to the fair, and the contract amount is expected to exceed 220★△. 100 million yuan▲▷. The Fishing Expo has developed into well-known professional brand fisheries exhibitions at home and abroad, hosted with the China Food Industry Expo◁●•★, setting the seafood ingredients, oce!

Original title: Large expiration of the Ministry of Foreign Ministry, affirmation of foreign airlines rectification initiatives urged in Hua Shou method [Global Times – Global Network Reporting Reporter Zhang Xin] According to the requirements of China Civil Aviation Administration▼▪•, 25th is the foreign airline to modify the official website and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan mistakes The deadline for the label. As of the press release,red leather jacket street style most US airlines have deleted ○▼◁”Taiwan” in the search menu. At the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs◇▪, spokesperson-▲★, is refreshed in this statement•-☆▼: affirm the active rectification of the company○…▪△, and urged foreign companies in China to comply with Chinas laws and regulations. Shuang referred to that we noticed some active progress around this, and affirmed the rectification movement of foreign airlines◆●▪•. At the same time…▷•-, I want to say that China is willing to share with foreign companie☆•=.

Original title: After the military reform, Liu Jiao has served as the national defense mobilization department of the military committee: Changan Street◁☆, the director of the Army Political Work Department, the director of the Army Political Work Department, and the new position of Liu Jiaoguo was officially clear – the Political Committee of the Central Military Commission▷□. Todays “Liberation Army News•▷●” report, ◆◁••”the most lovely people from the people◁–, learn from the people ▼◆…●◁” In the representative of Liu Jiaoguo☆●△★, the national defense mobilization department of the Military Commission◇…, the party and the government and the broad masses of the people have always had the tradition of supporting the military▼▲▷□, these full The exquisite words constitute the most symbolic identity of the military and civilians. At present, the Minister of Defense Mobilization is Shengbin. In addition, according to todays “Peoples Liberation Army◇•” report, the regular tribute to the Deputy Political Committee of the Guangzhou Military Region Lianzhi Department will go to the Central Military Commission. Previously served as the count!whole sale joggers