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Chinas great open global great (international inline) reporter Yan Yu “Peoples Daily Overseas Edition” (06th Edition,bulk polar fleece 2018) Comics: Building a Good Environment, Guiuxi (Xinhua News) Station in reform and opening up 40 An important node of the anniversary☆▷…●,custom breathable fleece jacket China continues to expand the open strong sound once again vibrating the international community◁▷. At the 2018 annual meeting of the Boao Forum▷◆▪=, China President Xi Jinping issued the title ▪▷★○”Open Creating Prosperity and Innovation Leading Leads”☆■▼, which announced the major initiatives of China to expand the opening of China, showing Chinas willingness to cooperate with countries◁◆. Unintendent to win◁▽★. The worlds second largest economy in this blood will have a greater driving force for the world development. Open independent recently○▼□○, ●••■?

China News Agency, May 27 (Reporter Zhang Daozheng) ◇▲”The overseas Chinese is an important force in Chinas construction and development●○. In the Chinese revolution▽=▲•, construction, reform◇◇, it has made an irreplaceable important contribution.” Chinese Commerce Xu Rongmao▽■☆, president of the Federation, delivered a speech on the 11th China Economic Forum on the 27th. On the same day, the 11th China Overseas Chinese Merchant Forum was held in Tianjin. Xu Rongmao attended the forum and speaking•▪▽, he said that since the reform and opening up, the majority of overseas Chinese vendors have worked in the motherland, dare to be a priority●★◆, actively returning to investment…◆▷, is a proactive participant in Chinas reform and opening up, actively contributors. =•☆□”According to statistics, more than 60% of foreign investment, more than 70% foreign-funded enterprise□◇▲….

Original title■◇=: Care for the original spirit of sparks (Peoples Review) “Peoples Daily” (May 28, 2018) In recent time, many large network platforms have launched the latest original protection paths…▼◁, involving original articles, small games , Video and other content products. In an era of pursuing innovation, plagiarism is increasingly difficult to have tolerate, and people want to have a warning of the original rules of the mobile Internet era to form a warning through personal and enterprises that do not have intellectual property. Todays plagiarism is actually updated. For example…■, the so-called •□”scrub•☆” behavior is to give a certain degree of tampering•-, deletion□▼•, patchwork☆▽▪□,new era shirt philippines seemingly different from the original content, but in fact, the most valuable part is still plagiarism. In recent years, scrubbing is usa clothing brand